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Emergency Department Collaborative Research Group

We are the overarching group for research conducted in the Emergency Department. Our vision is to embed research in clinical practice and education and inform new guidelines and policy.

In 2020, our group published more than 68 articles in peer-reviewed journals, contributed to more than 60 research projects, and were part of successful grant submissions totalling more than $6.38…

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Latest Emergency Department Research News

Gold Coast Health will host the first ever Emergency Care Research Symposium, continuing to harness innovation to drive the best possible care for…

Violence and threatening behaviour occur regularly in our Emergency Departments with as many as 10 Code Black activations per day, which are often…

Gold Coast Health and Griffith University research fellow Dr Jamie Ranse has been recognised by the prestigious Sigma Theta Tau International…

Current projects

Pneumonia is one of the most common serious bacterial infections in children worldwide, an important case of childhood morbidity and mortality…

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Cellulitis is an infection of the skin and underlying soft tissues and leads to redness, pain and sometimes fever. Once diagnosed, the emergency…

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Children may present to an emergency department or be admitted to an intensive care unit with life threatening conditions to support their…

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Accuracy and Interrater Reliability of Point-of-Care Ultrasonography Image Interpretation for Intussusception

Bergmann, K.R., Khant, M., Lammers, S., Arroyo, A.C., Avendano, P., Chaudoin, L., Cohen, S.G., Deanehan, J.K., Kornblith, A.E., Lam, S.H., Snelling, P. and Lin-Martore, M., Accuracy and Interrater Reliability of Point-of-Care Ultrasonography Image Interpretation for Intussusception. Pediatric Emergency Care, pp.10-1097. 

Parental-reported allergic disorders and emergency department presentations for allergy in the first five years of life: A longitudinal birth cohort

Keijzers, G., Sweeny, A., Crilly, J., Good, N., Cameron, C. M., Mihala, G., ... & Scuffham, P. A. (2018). BMC pediatrics, 18(1), 169.

See one, do one, teach one: Is it enough? No

Speirs, C., & Brazil, V. (2018). Emergency Medicine Australasia, 30(1), 109-110.

Last updated 29 Nov 2019