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Library Service

Researchers are encouraged to engage with library staff in the planning phase of their project to determine where gaps in the literature may exist, but also for future planning with publishing their work.

Supporting your research goals


The library service continually review and revitalise the book collection to meet the needs of researchers and the organisation. They also work with staff from across the health service to access and use information resources as well as provide consultations for more complex retrieval of information.

Literature search and management

Whether you are writing a grant application, submitting an ethics application, undertaking an audit, conducting a systematic review or writing for a publication, the library team can assist individuals and teams of researchers in all aspects of literature searching.

Specialised support

The research library staff provide training in appropriate use of citation managers e.g. Endnote. Citation managers can be useful during the development stage of a project, and serve as a repository for articles and documents usually found in their search of the literature. They are also invaluable when a researcher comes to disseminate their project, and particularly when developing a manuscript or thesis. Research journals often have different citation style requirements and citation managers can save considerable time. 

Last updated 03 Apr 2023