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Smoke free environment

We’re committed to providing a smoke-free environment for all patients, visitors and staff.

Our hospitals have a smoke-free policy. Smoking including the use of e-cigarettes is not permitted on our  grounds or within five metres of the campus boundary. Please speak to your doctor, nurse or pharmacist if you experience cravings or find it difficult to cope without smoking.

What happens when I can’t smoke?

You may have symptoms of withdrawal from nicotine, the addictive drug in tobacco. It is easy to confuse these feelings with worries or stress about being in hospital.
Nicotine withdrawal can cause:

  • cravings for cigarettes
  • depressed mood
  • increased appetite
  • irritability, frustration, anger
  • anxiety
  • trouble sleeping
  • restlessness.

These symptoms are signs that the level of nicotine in your body is decreasing. They can start a few hours to a few days after smoking your last cigarette, but everyone is different. They peak two to three days after quitting and decrease over time.

How can I relieve cravings to smoke?

You can relieve cravings and discomfort by using one or both of these products:

  • nicotine gum
  • nicotine patch.

These products must be used correctly for best results—ask your ward pharmacist or nurse for instructions.
These products will:

  • make you more comfortable - even if you don't plan to quit smoking
  • double your chance of success, if you try to cut down or quit.

Last updated 22 May 2018