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COVID-19 Change to visiting patients and hospital access at GCUH

To slow the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and to protect the most vulnerable, restrictions apply when visiting hospitals. Find out more about visiting a patient in hospital.

Access to Gold Coast University Hospital (GCUH) has been restricted to ensure hand hygiene and screening is well managed.

Please access the Gold Coast University Hospital via:

  • Level 1 link bridge from carpark
  • Ground Floor main entrance
  • Emergency Department
  • Transit Lounge

Getting around

There are a number of entry points at Gold Coast University Hospital:

 In an emergency? use Hollows Way off Olsen Ave for direct access to the drop-off zone.

Visiting the hospital

  • The main entrance is the best entry to access clinical services.
  • Use Hospital Boulevard to access the drop-off zone at the front entrance.
  • Visitor parking is available on Hospital Boulevard; commercial rates apply.

Outpatient appointments

  • Children's - Block D (main clinical services building), ground floor
  • Adults - Block D, level 1
  • Imaging / X-ray - Block D, lower ground
  • Women's - Block B, level 1
  • Cancer - Block C, ground floor

Finding your way around the hospital

A number of wayfinding signs and kiosks are visible throughout the hospital including:

  • Information desk manned by volunteers and reception staff
  • Interactive touch-screen kiosks
  • Floor and room signage including Braille
  • Visual cues including three-dimensional art pieces


  • Each building has been allocated a block identifier (eg. A, B, C or D)
  • Each block is identified by a colour, (eg. Block D is orange)
  • Signage throughout the hospital will display the block, level and room numbers

Ward naming convention

Wards are named by their geographic location. For example, Maternity Ward will be known as B3 North, where:

  • ‘B’ is the block or building
  • ‘3’ is the level of the block
  • ‘North’ is the orientation of the ward

Touch screen kiosks

Interactive touch screen kiosks are located at each entrance, including the Emergency Department and Main Foyer.

The kiosks help visitors:

  • Search for a specific location, room or department
  • Search for facilities including parking, toilets and other amenities
  • Print directions

Last updated 08 Dec 2017