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Public Health

Our unit provides environmental and public health services to improve health outcomes for our community.

We aim to promote health, minimise the spread of disease and prevent illness reoccurrence through our communicable disease control, environmental health, epidemiological and free immunisation services.

Our team includes epidemiologists, public health medical officers, public health nurses, environmental health officers, health promotion officers and business support staff.

We partner with Gold Coast Primary Health Network, City of Gold Coast and Scenic Rim Councils, Universities, Queensland Government agencies and non-government organisations.

Communicable disease control

Our unit is responsible for the management of communicable diseases in our community.

Environmental health hazards

We undertake health risk assessments and advise agencies and the public on environmental health hazards in our community.

Epidemiology and public health research

We provide important data and health surveillance on the distribution, determinants and control of disease in our community.

Food safety and standards

We enforce regulations to ensure food is safe for eating and meets labelling, advertising and compositional requirements and standards.

Health promotion

We deliver health promotion and disease prevention programs focusing on keeping people healthy.

Immunisation coordination

We coordinate the delivery of national and state immunisation programs with more than 300 vaccine service providers.

Medicines and poisons

We enforce legislation to minimise harm from misuse or inappropriate supply or access to medicines and poisons, as well as providing advice and issuing permits.

Public health incident management

The Public Health Unit contributes to a multi-agency response during disasters and events, objectives is to help prevent, prepare for, and respond to acute events.

Tobacco regulation

Tobacco laws in Queensland include smoking bans for indoor and outdoor public places, restrictions on advertising, display and promotion of tobacco products.

Water quality and fluoridation

We partner with other agencies to respond to public health risks arising from water quality (potable and recycled) and fluoridation.

Partner with the National Centre for Neuroimmunology and Emerging Diseases

The National Centre for Neuroimmunology and Emerging Diseases is a collaboration with Gold Coast Health and Hospital Services and Griffith University.

Last updated 02 May 2023