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Medicines and poisons

We monitor and respond to health risks associated with inappropriate access to and use of, medicines and poisons through enforcing medicines and poison legislation and through licences, permits and approvals that cover medicine and poison manufacturing, sale and use.

We enforce legislation to minimise harm from misuse or inappropriate supply or access to medicines and poisons, as well as providing advice and issuing permits.

What we do

  • Respond to enquiries and investigate complaints or incidents regarding misuse and non-compliance with the management of scheduled medicines and poisons 
  • Audit pharmacies, hospitals, drug wholesalers, poisons sellers and people with the authority to obtain, possess, sell and administer medicines and poisons
  • Provide advice on the legislation to protect public health and safety from the misuse of medicines and poisons
  • Issue permits under the Health (Drugs and Poisons) Regulation 1996 including strychnine and cyanide permits and undertaken suitability and compliance assessment of other medicine and poison licence applications
  • Implement local and state compliance plan activities for medicines and poisons.

Last updated 13 Oct 2023