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Research News

Our goal is to translate new and innovative research into improved patient outcomes and best quality clinical care.

Our researchers work across disciplines to create change that is recognised nationally and internationally.

We have established a strong culture of research through our collaboration with universities and external partners which benefits our patients and saves lives.

Research projects seeks patients to share their experiences

A first of its kind research project is looking for Gold Coast Health patients to share their interest in filming their clinical encounters…

A collapsed lung study which involved Gold Coast Health emergency medicine researchers wins award

The Australian Clinical Trials Alliance (ACTA) has announced equal winners of the 2021 Trial of the Year - the five-year comparative study into…

Clinical trial investigating new use for old drug

Anaesthetic doctors are offering patients the opportunity to participate in a world class clinical trial to test a medication that could prevent…

Research helps understand ways to prevent delirium in patients

Delirium is a common medical emergency which affects one in five older hospital inpatients. It starts abruptly and affects the ability to think…

Research ethics committee seeks new member

Gold Coast Health is embedding research and evidence-based practice into our health service delivery.

Its Human Research Ethics Committee (…

Research funds for children with broken arms

A Queensland Advancing Clinical Research Fellowship of almost $145,000 will help Dr Peter Snelling complete a research project which explores the…

PhD to discover what is most important to patients in new model of care

Gold Coast Health dietitian Rumbi Mutsekwa spent as long as she could avoiding doing a PhD, but the task eventually caught up with her.

Research Week shines a spotlight on Gold Coast innovation

The growth and impact of the research, and quality and innovation projects underway on the Gold Coast is being showcased by Gold Coast Health in…

First of its kind research project looking for clinicians

With a passion for social justice, Laura Ryan felt there was something missing in her corporate career so she left that life behind, instead…

Monthly Projects Enrolling Participants

Monthly projects enrolling participants

Last updated 08 Nov 2019