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Meet our clinical trials trail blazers

International Clinical trials day is 20 May. The theme this year is ‘the trail blazers among us’. To mark the day Gold Coast health is celebrating a few of our own clinical trials trail blazers.

More in research

The Fibrinogen Early In Severe Trauma Study II, known as FEISTY II has begun at Gold Coast Health.

Professor Keith Grimwood has praised the introduction of Gold Coast Health Clinician Researcher Fellowships, saying they offer the time and support young clinician researchers need to continue research beyond a PhD.

Jeffrey Rand says he would not be here today if not for a revolutionary cancer treatment currently undergoing a clinical trial at Gold Coast University Hospital.
"Without this trial, there is absolutely no doubt I wouldn't be sitting here," he said. "For me, it has been very successful: I've had two years of normality with very few side effects. Two years of life that I otherwise wouldn't have had."

A Gold Coast Health patient is the first in Australia chosen for a clinical trial into a novel treatment for the chronic condi

Gold Coast Health Paediatric Emergency Physician Dr Peter Snelling has proven ultrasound as a tool for screening distal forearm fractures in children, reducing ED wait times and significantly reducing the number of x-rays required.