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Gold Coast Health appoints new Chair of Research

Professor Scott Bell will be the new Gold Coast Health Chair of Research.

A new joint Chair of Research appointment will push forward the clinical research agendas at Gold Coast Health with support from Griffith University.

Gold Coast Health’s Executive Director, Strategy, Transformation and Major Capital, Sandip Kumar said Professor Bell brings a wealth of experience in research and leadership to the pivotal new role.

“Professor Bell’s expertise will undoubtedly enrich our research agenda, driving innovation and ultimately benefiting the health and well-being of our community here on the Gold Coast and beyond,” Sandip said.

“His dedication to advancing research, coupled with a passion for improving healthcare outcomes, aligns seamlessly with the Gold Coast Health strategic priority to embed research and research translation in clinical practice.

“His leadership will not only enhance the academic reputation of Griffith University but also elevate the quality of care provided by Gold Coast Health, benefiting the broader community.

The role will lead advanced research initiatives aimed at addressing key challenges in healthcare delivery, driving innovation, and fostering interdisciplinary collaboration.

Professor Bell said, “I am delighted by the promise of this new opportunity for me in 2025 and working with the Gold Coast Health clinical teams and Griffith University scientists to enhance the impact of collaborative research for our community.”

With more than 300 peer-reviewed publications and grant support exceeding $24 million, Prof. Bell is well qualified to fulfil this brief.

He has significantly influenced clinical practice and shaped global policy implementation. His pioneering research as leader of the University of Queensland’s Lung Bacteria Laboratory has significantly advanced our understanding of human infection pathways.

A stalwart at The Prince Charles Hospital since 1996, he spearheaded the establishment of the lung transplant program, held the position of Director of Thoracic Medicine, and secured state-wide centre status for the Adult Cystic Fibrosis Centre.

Professor Bell has also served as Editor of the Journal of Cystic Fibrosis, co-led the Lancet Commission on the future of cystic fibrosis and held the role of Executive Director of Research at Metro North.

He will take up the position of Chair of Research in 2025 upon completion of his five-year term as Chief Executive at Australia’s Translation Research Institute.

Last updated 07 May 2024