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For patients and families

Consumer and community engagement is important to improve healthcare outcomes for our patients. We are proud to offer the opportunity for patients and consumers to partner and participate in health research including clinical trials conducted at Gold Coast Health.

There are many ways you can become a consumer research partner including assisting in the planning and design stages of a research project, developing research questions, sharing results of published research within the community, reviewing research grant applications and providing feedback. No experience in research is necessary, you just need to be open to sharing your ideas and working in a team. People of all ages, gender and backgrounds are invited to get involved.  

Gold Coast Health also conducts clinical trials to uncover new ways to treat different health conditions, providing patients with an opportunity to test treatments while contributing to science. Some clinical trials require healthy volunteers, others can be an option for healthcare. People of all ages, those who have been diagnosed with a condition, or healthy people are welcomed to participate in clinical trials. 

Other ways you can get involved with Gold Coast Health include becoming a:

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Last updated 15 May 2024