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Accessing your medical record

Accessing records held by the Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service

You have a right to apply for access to your personal information held by the Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service, including copies of your medical record. 
Patients can generally access copies of their own medical records administratively, however there are other ways individuals can apply for access to information about someone else (for example as a parent, carer or family member) and the health service more generally.

Requests for access to information can be made by completing one of the following application forms.

Please complete the Application for Administrative Access to Medical Records form if you are applying for:

  • your own medical records, or;

Please complete the Right to Information and Information Privacy Access Application form if you are applying for:

  • medical records on behalf of someone else
  • medical records of a child
  • medical records of a deceased person
  • other documents held by the Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service.

Should you have any questions regarding which form you may need to fill out or how to access information generally, please contact Right to Information and Privacy on (07) 5687 3849 or email

Amendments to your medical record

Amending personal details in documents.

Under the Information Privacy Act 2009, you may apply to amend documents containing personal information where you believe that the relevant information is inaccurate, misleading, out of date or incomplete.

Visit Right to Information and Privacy to find out more about your rights to amend personal information held by the government.

Medical records and confidentiality

Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service takes breaches of privacy very seriously and affirms the right of consumers and their representatives to make complaints of this kind.

Futher information can be found in Privacy Complaints on the Privacy page for Gold Coast Health.

Last updated 07 Feb 2022