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Tobacco regulation

Tobacco and other smoking products

The Gold Coast Public Health Unit works to improve the health of the Gold Coast Community by reducing exposure to tobacco and other smoking products and second-hand smoke by investigating complaints and monitoring, enforcing and promoting compliance with smoking and medicine laws in Qld.

e-Cigarettes / Vapes

In Qld, it is illegal to sell or supply an e-cigarette/vape to children. It is also illegal to possess or sell an e-cigarette or vape containing nicotine unless it was obtained on a doctor’s prescription and dispensed by a pharmacist.

The Australian Department of Health continues to advise there are NO safe vape choices – even vapes that do not contain nicotine. The healthiest option is not to vape or smoke.

Watch the GCPHU ‘say not to vapes’ video to explore the risks associated with vaping.

Vape Truths

Join Dr Karl Kruszelnicki as he uncovers Vape Truths to get the facts.

Queensland smoking laws

The Queensland smoking laws include areas where smoking is banned, restrictions on the advertising, promotion, sale and use of smoking products, including e-cigarettes.

For more information on the smoking laws in Queensland watch this video

Report a possible smoking law breach

To report an alleged breach of the Queensland smoking laws email or complete the community complaints online form.

Want to QUIT?

Visit Quit HQ for information and support on your quitting journey or phone Quitline 13 7848 to get free, expert advice to help you quit for good.

Last updated 13 Oct 2023