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For nurses and midwives

We support our nurses and midwives through our initiatives, which promote learning and recognise contributions; and our research opportunities that are supported across multiple areas.

Our education opportunities also promote staff’s professional development and clinical skill development.

Nursing and midwifery careers

We have various career opportunities available at Gold Coast Health whatever your career stage.

Nursing and midwifery research

We facilitate nursing and midwifery research and provide research mentorship opportunities to ensure that you develop professional excellence and confidence.

Advanced practice nursing and midwifery

We support nurses and midwives to advance their skills, to improve patient outcomes, and to develop our team. Our Nurse Practitioners and Nurse/Midwife Navigators also work across a range of specialties.


We have a range of initiatives available to promote nurse and midwifery staff development, provide educational advice, and recognise staff contributions.

Last updated 18 Jun 2021