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Child and Youth Mental Health (CYMHS)

Gold Coast Health's Child and Youth Mental Health Service (CYMHS) specialises in helping children and young people up to the age of 18 who have complex mental health needs. We provide community- and hospital-based services, outreach and telepsychiatry programs, early intervention, and other speciality services.

Care in the hospital

The Child and Youth Mental Health Inpatient Unit at Robina Hospital provides 24 hour care for children and adolescents who are suffering from emotional or behavioural disturbances. Clients are admitted to the 8-bed unit for the treatment of acute mental illnesses, comprehensive assessments or for planned psychotherapy.

The unit has multidisciplinary staffing to cover a wide range of services with the major objective to offer support, education and reestablishment back into the community.

Access Team (0-18 years)

Prevention and early intervention strategies are important in interrupting the development of severe mental health problems and disorders in childhood. The Child and Youth Mental Health (CYMHS) Access Team is a community-based service for children and young people aged 0-18 years and their families in the Gold Coast region who are experiencing severe / complex psychological, emotional and/or behavioural problems. 

Referrals to the CYMHS Access Team may be made by self, family member, doctor, schoolteacher or other professional.

It primarily provides a triage service for Gold Coast CYMHS. This intake process may lead to further face to face assessment of the individual or result in an assisted referral to alternative specialised services.

Wattle Unit (0-18 years)

The Wattle Unit at Robina provides 24 hour care for children and adolescents who are experiencing severe emotional or behavioural disturbances. Clients are admitted to the 8-bed unit for the treatment of acute mental illnesses, comprehensive assessments or for planned psychotherapy.

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Acacia Unit (18-25 years)

The Acacia Unit is a 12-bed unit with a 4 bed Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit within its’ environs. This unit is based at the Robina Hospital. Acacia Unit is designed to provide a modern, safe and therapeutic setting. The focus of this unit is to provide inpatient assessment and treatment of young adults primarily between the ages of 18-25 years when community treatment cannot meet their care requirements.

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Care in the community

Continuing Care Team (0-18 years)

Continuing Care Teams offer a free, confidential and voluntary service.

Our service is available to children and young people from birth to 18 years and their families, who live in the Gold Coast region.

Our clinics offer multi-disciplinary teams who are experienced in understanding and working with the emotional and behavioural problems facing children, young people and their families.

There are two locations, CYMHS Southern at Robina and CYMHS Central at Southport.

Level 5, Southport Health Precinct
16-30 High Street
Southport, 4215
P: 5687 9225
F: 5687 9331

Level 3, Robina Health Precinct
2 Campus Crescent Robina
P: 07 5635 6200
F: 07 5635 6222


Assertive Mobile Youth Outreach Service (12-18 years)

The Assertive Mobile Youth Outreach Services (AMYOS) form part of an integrated continuum of care for adolescents requiring mental health treatment in Queensland.

The young person must be case managed by either of the CYMHS Continuing Care Teams for acceptance by AMYOS.

AMYOS are staffed by multidisciplinary clinicians, who provide ongoing recovery-oriented assessment and assertive treatment and care, aimed at improving the quality of life for young people with complex mental health needs, through intensive mobile interventions in a community or residential setting. 

Yangah Adolescent Day Program (12-18 years)

Yangah meaning ‘Rise Up’ in Yugambeh language (Gold Coast), provides a culturally safe mental health recovery service and integrated education for young people aged 13 to 18 years. 

The service operates in partnership with the Department of Education on premises at Robina Hospital so that young people can access an integrated education and culturally safe mental health treatment service. 

The ADP Treating Team is comprised of a range of health professionals including: 

  • Consultant Psychiatrist 
  • Doctors and Nurses 
  • Allied Health professionals (psychology, occupational therapy, Speech pathology and social work) 
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers
  • Creative Therapists 
  • Carer Peer Workers
  • Teachers and Guidance Officers 

The Yangah Adolescent Day Program provides family-centred support including cultural support to young people who identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander, and clinical interventions for families and carers to optimise a young person’s functioning within their home environment. Young people undertake an individualised educational program that enables re-engagement with education and to undertake meaningful education or employment in the future. 

The program operates on the premise that young people can, and do, recover from mental illness. A range of recovery-focused, psychosocial and educational programs are tailored to the young person’s assessed clinical and rehabilitation needs. The program will enable the young person to build on their strengths, enhance their self-esteem, build on opportunities for social inclusion and promote recovery-focused outcomes upon discharge.

The service operates Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 3.00pm. 

The Yangah Adolescent Day Program Team Leader is available to discuss referral requirements and eligibility on 5629 1240 or via email:

Specialist Care Programs

Early Psychosis Team (15-25 years)

The Early Psychosis Team provides support and treatment to young adults (15–25 years) who are experiencing their first episode of psychosis.

The service aims to provide intensive, assertive outreach, as well as minimising the stigma associated with psychosis, including the impact of distress/trauma on both the young person and their family.

Psychosis is a disorder which often alters a person’s perception of the world. It can have a significant impact on a young person’s life often making it difficult to stay involved in their normal activities. Early diagnosis and treatment of psychosis can lessen the impact of the mental illness and allow people to continue to grow and achieve their life goals.

The team works creatively with people to help them understand psychosis and develop skills for everyday life. The service offers case management and discipline specific services across Gold Coast Health and also offers support to families and friends of psychosis patients.

The Early Psychosis Team is a sub-speciality program within Child and Youth Mental Health Service, and maintains close links with primary care and other community organisations.

The service operates Monday to Friday.

Eating Disorders Program (5-18 years)

The eating disorder team of senior clinicians assess and provide targeted interventions for children and adults with an eating disorder.

Our clinicians provide consultation and liaison and undertake assessment and specialist targeted interventions to consumers with eating disorders. Ongoing care is provided by the community case management Continuing Care Team.

Evolve Therapeutic Services (0-18 years)

Evolve Therapeutic Services is a specialist team within CYMHS that provide intensive mental health interventions to children and young people (birth to 18 years) with extreme and complex therapeutic needs, that are in the care of the Department of Communities Child Safety Services.

Evolve Therapeutic Services Gold Coast is part of a statewide, cross-government initiative involving Gold Coast Health, Queensland Health, Child Safety Services, Disability Services and Department of Education which aims to enhance mental health, behaviour support and participation in education for the most extreme and complex children and young people in the care of Child Safety Services.

Referrals to Evolve Therapeutic Services can only be made by the client’s Child Safety Worker.

Project Air (5-25 years)

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Suicide Prevention Program (0-25 years)

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Ed LinQ Program (5-18 years)

Content under construction.

Referrals and Resources

How to get a referral

Children and young people who come to CYMHS have been referred by a professional. To get a referral, first talk to your General Practitioner (doctor), guidance officer or another helping professional about your concerns. They may refer you to CYMHS, or to other suitable services to best meet your needs.

Please call 24 Hour Specialist Mental Health Care 1300 MH CALL (1300 64 22 55)

Our referral-based appointments are offered when:

  1. Mental-health issues are causing a child or young person and their family distress and are interfering with daily functioning at home, school or the workplace.
  2. Problems are linked with out of the ordinary reactions to significant life events. For example, illness, separation, divorce or bereavement.
  3. Priority will be given to children, young people and families who are experiencing severe distress and who are at risk of harming themselves and/or others.

Urgent referrals

CYMHS will respond very quickly to people who are in extreme distress (for example, children or young people who are experiencing suicidal thoughts or psychosis) and/or who are at significant risk of harming themselves and/or others.

Last updated 04 Mar 2022