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Interpreter services

Information in your language

Translated information is available in:

How do I get an interpreter?

If you would like an interpreter, please write this on your registration form and advise the hospital before any medical appointments.

Often medical information can be complex, so we recommend you use a professional interpreter because of impartiality, accuracy and confidentiality.

Family members can attend with you, but there may be times you wish to discuss sensitive information in private.

Our service is also available for non-Medicare patients.

Am I eligible for an interpreter?

We are happy to provide an interpreter if:

  • You have low proficiency in English
  • You are deaf or hearing impaired
  • You do not speak English at home or English is not your first language
  • You do not understand everything that is said to you
  • You do not understand any part of a form you are required to sign.

How to access interpreter services

If you are unable to attend an appointment, you need to notify the hospital so we can cancel or reschedule your interpreter.

You can contact us on a free interpreter service by following these steps:

  • Call TIS Interpreting Services on 131 450
  • A person will answer in English;  say the language you speak
  • You will be connected to an interpreter who speaks your language
  • Tell the interpreter the number you wish to call or the person you wish to speak to
  • Wait on the phone until you are connected to the number you wish to call.

If you are a patient or outpatient you can:

  • Use the above instructions to call the hospital to request an interpreter
  • Ask your clinician to use a telephone interpreter to speak with you
  • Show your “I need an Interpreter” card to the health staff.

Last updated 07 Feb 2020