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GP shared care

Women with a low risk pregnancy can choose to have the majority of their antenatal and postnatal care with a GP. GPs are well placed to provide both continuity of care and whole of person care during and following your pregnancy. Your GP often already understands your medical history, social circumstances and cultural background. They can also provide care in a community setting, closer to home and may have more flexible appointment times which make it easier for a support person to attend. They can continue to care for you and your baby after the birth.
Under a GP shared Care model, you will have an appointment with the midwife to book in (generally between 16 to 20 weeks of pregnancy) and another midwife review at 36 weeks and 40 weeks. The remainder of your antenatal visits will be with your GP.  Your Gold Coast Hospital maternity team and GP will continue to communicate during the pregnancy. 

Gold Coast GP Maternity Alignment Program
GPs who provide antenatal shared care on the Gold Coast can participate in the GP Maternity Alignment Program. The Maternity Alignment Program is a multidisciplinary program run by the Obstetric department at Gold Coast Hospital. The program provides a framework for the GP shared care model with known responsibilities for both the participating GP and hospital maternity team. The program supports GPs to stay up to date and access necessary obstetric expertise when required.

A list of GPs who have completed the Maternity Alignment Program is available here

Last updated 29 May 2023