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Environmental health hazards

We undertake health risk assessments and provide advice to government partners, stakeholders and the public to minimise the risk to human health from environmental health hazards such as air, soil, water, lead, bat colonies and pesticides.

We’re also responsible for the management of public health risks and regulatory compliance associated with pesticides and poisons.
Environmental health hazards include physical, chemical, biological and social, either natural or as a result of human activity. 

What we do

  • Investigate consumer complaints and notifications regarding elevated blood lead levels, non-communicable diseases, cancer clusters and public health risks
  • Conduct health risk assessments on a range of environmental health hazards 
  • Provide toxicological and epidemiological advice on public health risks arising from environmental health hazards
  • Advise on the health risks and impacts of land use planning and development
  • Monitor, enforce and promote compliance with the Public Health Act 2005 and Pest Management Act 2005, including licensed pest management technicians and fumigators
  • Investigate complaints about unlicensed pest management operations and other alleged breaches of legislation
  • Work with key partners to manage and respond to exotic vector and mosquito-borne diseases.

Last updated 13 Mar 2018