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Magnet Recognition®

We’re proud to be Australia’s first whole health service to receive Magnet Recognition for nursing and midwifery excellence and dedication to providing innovative, high-quality care.

Our three hospitals, Gold Coast University Hospital, Robina Hospital and Varsity Lakes Day Hospital, and community centres are all part of the elite designation.

What is Magnet Recognition?

The American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Magnet Recognition Program identifies superior quality in nursing and midwifery care and is the highest international honour for nursing and midwifery excellence.

Only 520 healthcare organisations in the world currently hold Magnet status, demonstrating it is a highly prestigious credential. In Australia, two hospitals are Magnet-recognised organisations, but on 29 April 2020 we became the first entire Australian health service to be designated. Those hospitals are Princess Alexandra Hospital (Brisbane) and Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital (Perth).

The process for Magnet Recognition

Organisations must pass a rigorous and lengthy application process demanding widespread participation from leadership and staff. The process includes an electronic application, followed by extensive written documentation submission addressing criteria focused on both qualitative and quantitative evidence and outcomes.

If scores from the written documentation fall within a range of excellence, an on-site visit occurs to thoroughly assess the Magnet applicant. After this rigorous on-site review process, the Commission on Magnet Recognition reviews the completed appraisal report and votes to determine whether to grant Magnet recognition to the health care organisation.

The credential is valid for four years, at which time organisations must apply for re-designation as a Magnet organisation and follow the rigorous application process.

What does a Magnet organisation demonstrate?

The Magnet Program is steeped in evidence spanning more than three decades, with Magnet facilities demonstrating excellent patient outcomes, and high levels of staff engagement and patient satisfaction.

Magnet organisations demonstrate positive workplace cultures where staff are empowered through involvement in decision making, access to and support for personal and professional development, and transformational leaders who are visible and accessible.

What does Magnet Recognition mean to our health service?

This credential acknowledges the outstanding work our nursing and midwifery and interprofessional teams do every day for the Gold Coast community and the patients we serve.

It reinforces our commitment to creating a supportive, enabling environment in which our staff can flourish and do their best work so that we can continue to provide high-quality, safe, effective care.

Last updated 09 Oct 2023