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Telling Partners (Partner notification)

If you’ve been diagnosed with an STI you may be advised to tell people you’ve had sexual contact with. Telling someone they’re at risk is the right thing to do, and will ensure they get the treatment they need. Even if you’ve used a condom with someone, you still need to let them know. Most people want to know if they’re at risk of an STI, and many people have no symptoms, so unless you tell them, they may continue to remain at risk of complications, and could also spread the infection to others. There is also the chance that you could become reinfected with an STI from an untreated partner.

Your doctor or nurse will talk to you about telling partners, and in some cases, they can do this for you if you are having difficulties.

There are also some websites which give advice and make it easy to tell someone anonymously:

Last updated 26 Sep 2018