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Our collaboratives and partners

A research collaborative at Gold Coast Health is a partnership either within or across clinical divisions with the aim of conducting research either within a specific discipline or across multiple disciplines. 

External Researcher Program

The External Researcher Program provides another collaborative opportunity for external researchers to foster new ideas and enhance research capacity and productivity with Gold Coast Health staff. 

Reach out to our contact support centre for more information and to apply to become an External Researcher. 


Gold Coast Health is a leading public healthcare provider committed to developing research partnerships and collaborations. We partner with universities, foundations, research institutes, commercial sponsors, other public and private health services, and government to grow and invest in research on the Gold Coast. 

Why partner with us?

Broad research profile

Research at Gold Coast Health provides the evidence-base for best practice, innovative service delivery and improved community outcomes. Our coordinated approach is informed by our research strategy 2022-2024, and lead by our research groups, collaboratives and partnerships.  

Large patient base and location

Gold Coast Health is in the region of south-east Queensland servicing over 630,000 residents and is projected to be home to approximately one million people by 2050. We accept patients from neonatal to end of life from all Gold Coast areas extending north, to Beenleigh and receive patient referrals in Northern and Regional New South Wales to the south.  

Our current sites include Gold Coast University Hospital, Robina Hospital, Varsity Day Surgical Hospital, health precincts and community clinics.  

The Gold Coast University Hospital is based in the heart of the Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct (GCHKP), a 200-hectare site dubbed Asia-Pacific’s emerging health and innovation hub offering further opportunities for collaboration. The precinct includes Griffith University, Gold Coast Private Hospital and Lumina Gold Coast.

Streamlined Ethics and Governance processes

Our Research Ethics and Governance Officers will guide you simultaneously through both ethics and governance processes, to facilitate a streamlined review of your application. 

The Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) works on a 60-day clock to approve research. This timeframe is taken from the closing date until you are advised whether your application has been approved. On average, we approve: 

  • standard risk applications within 27 days 
  • low- and negligible-risk applications within 14 days. 

This does not include site specific assessment (SSA) authorisation.

Meeting and submission dates (and associated requirements) for GCHHS HREC can be found below:

Centralised Clinical Trial Unit

Gold Coast Health has a centralised clinical trial unit and conducts clinical trials in almost 30 different speciality areas. We offer partners and sponsors peace of mind by having one single point of contact for clinical trial activities. Read more about our Clinical Trials.

Gold Coast Health Research Partners

Last updated 04 Dec 2023