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We are the overarching group for research conducted in the Emergency Department. Our vision is to embed research in clinical practice and education and inform new guidelines and policy.

In 2018, our group published more than 50 articles in peer-reviewed journals, contributed to more than 60 research projects, and were part of successful grant submissions totalling more than $5 million…

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Current projects

Children may present to an emergency department or be admitted to an intensive care unit with life threatening conditions to support their…

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In the emergency department (ED), deciding who does and who does not need antibiotics can be difficult. An emergency doctor cannot perform a test…

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Review article: Sepsis in the emergency department - Part 1: Definitions and outcomes

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Identifying and transmitting the culture of emergency medicine through simulation

Purdy, E., Alexander, C., Caughley, M., Bassett, S. and Brazil, V.

Applying the Ottawa subarachnoid haemorrhage rule on a cohort of emergency department patients with headache

Chu, K. H., Keijzers, G., Furyk, J. S., Eley, R. M., Kinnear, F. B., Thom, O. N., ... & Brown, A. F. (2018). European Journal of Emergency Medicine, 25(6), e29-e32.

Last updated 16 May 2019