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Emergency Department Collaborative Research Group

We are the overarching group for research conducted in the Emergency Department. Our vision is to embed research in clinical practice and education and inform new guidelines and policy.

In 2018, our group published more than 50 articles in peer-reviewed journals, contributed to more than 60 research projects, and were part of successful grant submissions totalling more than $5 million…

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Latest Emergency Department Research News

Gold Coast Health Researcher and Emergency Department Registrar Laura Hamill is delving into doctors’ antibiotic prescribing habits in our…

A new ultrasound training initiative is helping Gold Coast Health emergency department clinicians to find a patient’s vein during cannulation…

A Gold Coast Health led study into the treatment of a common hand injury is set to make a significant impact to fracture patient recovery times…

Current projects

Shortness of breath (dyspnoea) is a common reason for presentation to Emergency Departments. The causes can include flare up due to chronic…

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People who present to the emergency department by police are a vulnerable population. Limited evidence exists as to what and how health care is…

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Deliberate Clinical Inertia is the art of doing nothing as a positive response, focusing on avoiding harm. The concept aligns with…

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Acute Headache Presentations to the Emergency Department: A Statewide Cross-sectional Study

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Last updated 29 Nov 2019