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Workforce Wellbeing pillar

The workforce pillar focuses on research aimed at understanding, informing and improving coping and resilience amongst ED staff. The overarching aim is to produce leading research that is meaningful to clinicians, policy makers, and decision makers.

Current projects in this area involve national and international studies of morale, stress and coping strategies, as well as workforce modelling for Emergency Departments.

We have received grants from a number of sources including the Emergency Medicine Foundation and Griffith University.

Several Griffith University students and clinicians from other hospitals within Queensland and internationally have engaged in research within our pillar.

Our Aims

Our pillar aims to:

  • undertake emergency care research important to clinicians, health service managers and policy makers
  • build research capacity by providing opportunities for clinicians, students and academics to be involved in emergency care research
  • promote the excellence, relevance and impact of our research
  • sustain and strengthen our research network through local, state, national and international collaborations.

Our Team

Name Job title/s
Prof Julia Crilly Pillar Lead
Dr Elizabeth Elder Co-Pillar Lead
Ms Amy Sweeny

Research Development Manager

Ms Rachael Dunning Nurse Unit Manager
Dr Shahina Braganza FACEM
Dr Elizabeth Elder Research Fellow
Mr Nick McIntyre Acting Assistant Director of Nursing
Dr Hayley Frieslich Deputy Director of Emergency Medicine
Ms Brittany Skelsey Department Support Officer


Our Research Themes

The current research themes within our pillar include:

  • Understand what aspects of the emergency department working environment staff find stressful, how the cope with these stressors and if these differ between emergency departments locally, and internationally.
  • Inform the development, implementation and evaluation of strategies designed to minimise the impact of stressors and assist with coping.
  • Understand and inform workforce requirements for emergency departments

Our partners

We have undertaken research with various health, university and international collaborators, including:


Current projects

The emergency department is one of the most stressful places to work in health care, with…

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Morale, stress and coping strategies of staff working in the emergency department: A comparison of two different‐sized departments

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oneED: Embedding a mindfulness‐based wellness programme into an emergency department

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Last updated 28 Nov 2023