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Domestic and family violence (DFV), and intimate partner violence against women, is the number…

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Queensland Health’s Artificial Intelligence Hub Datathon winners, 2020: Amy Sweeny, Dr Katya May…

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Getting on with field research using participant deconstruction

Wright, A. L., Middleton, S., Hibbert, P., & Brazil, V. (2018). Organizational Research Methods, 1094428118782589

Phenomenology: Moving from philosophical underpinnings to a practical way of doing

Ranse, J. (2018). Presentation at the University of Newcastle, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Research Week, Newcastle, NSW, 10th August.

Third-year nursing students' lived experience of caring for the dying: a hermeneutic phenomenological approach

Ranse, K., Ranse, J., & Pelkowitz, M. (2018). Contemporary nurse, 1-11.

Last updated 14 Nov 2019