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Education and Simulation pillar

Our pillar designs, delivers and evaluates health professional simulation and educational activities within the Emergency Department. We connect educational activities to improve practice and better patient outcomes. 

Collaborating with the Bond University medical program and the Gold Coast Health Simulation Service, we are improving teamwork in acute care, innovation in education, and clinician educator faculty development. 

In 2018, our research was impactful resulting in 8 articles in peer-reviewed journals and presentations at more than 20 conferences.

In addition, we supervised 4 Masters students in 2018, and have increased our supervision in 2019. To promote research across the community, we have also published several podcasts and blog posts.

Pillar aims

Our pillar works to:

  • ensure educational activities are evidence based and align with institutional patient care priorities
  • develop clinician educators as scholars in medical education
  • undertake research projects relevant to our education and simulation activities.

Our team

Name Job title/s
Dr Eve Purdy

Emergency Department

Education Research Fellow

Mr Kristian Krogh

Emergency Department

Education Research Fellow

Ms Rebecca Shaw

Emergency Department

Education Research Fellow

Ms Belinda Lowe

Bond University Simulation


Ms Sarah McNamee

Bond University Simulation


Mr Chris Speirs

Emergency Department

Education Research Fellow

Dr Dwain Burridge

Mental Health Education


Ms Jane Schweitzer

Simulation Educator

Ms Clare Scott

Simulation Instructor

Equipment Manager

Ms Simone Myers

Nurse Educator

Mr Jack Matulich

Clinical Facilitator

(Practical Training)


Research themes

Our research focuses on various themes including:

  • teamwork in trauma and acute care
  • developing institutional culture through in situ simulation
  • peer-assisted simulated learning
  • laparoscopic and procedural skills training
  • inter-professional education
  • faculty development for clinician educators.

Current projects

Trauma care is complex, involving individual practitioners and teams from various professional…

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Establishing a Virtual Community of Practice in Simulation: The Value of Social Media

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See one, do one, teach one: Is it enough? No

Speirs, C., & Brazil, V. (2018). Emergency Medicine Australasia, 30(1), 109-110.

Ten years of medical education registrars: Value added?

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Last updated 14 Nov 2019