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Relational coordination in trauma care

Quick facts

Principal investigator:
Prof Victoria Brazil
Team members:
Mr Darren McLean, Prof Martin Wullschlegger, Dr Andrew Donohue, Dr Don Campbell, and Mr Matt Scott
Project commenced:

Trauma care is complex, involving individual practitioners and teams from various professional disciplines and specialized units.

This project examined relationships and communication between providers and teams in trauma and developed improvement strategies.

The findings from the project included that:
•    Time-critical trauma care is interconnected between groups at Gold Coast University Hospital.
•    Relationships between trauma providers and provider groups were also good, with improvement opportunities.

The Trauma Service plays a leadership role in maintaining relationships to support quality improvement in trauma. Simulation is critical for skill refinement, teamwork, and reviewing and embedding trauma care processes. But, simulation is most powerful in building trust, relationships, and respect.

Findings from our research have informed sixteen trauma service quality improvement interventions being implemented.

Last updated 29 Oct 2020