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Patient pick up and drop off

Transport to and from home to hospital

You may organise private travel, or alternatively staff will help you call a taxi and you must pay your own transport costs. 

Transfer Unit

Patients can be dropped off at our Transfer Units.  There is 15 minute parking available at both our hospitals.

Opening hours

Mondays to Fridays: 6 am - 6.30 pm
Weekends (including Public Holidays): 7.30 am - 4 pm

Our unit offers a comfortable and convenient environment for you after your discharge or if you’re waiting for:  

  • Transportation home
  • Transportation to another hospital or healthcare facility
  • Transportation to nursing homes
  • Ambulatory care patient needing specialist care by their consultant
  • Patients attending Outpatient appointments
  • Patients requiring medical imaging procedures who require transportation.

Our unit staff will check discharge arrangements including medication and are available to answer any questions patients may have.

Hot and cold beverages will be provided for patients and limited catering will be available for patients at meal times.

Ambulance transport

Even if you came to hospital by ambulance, you can only leave the hospital by ambulance if it is medically recommended. Please plan ahead and make private arrangements for your trip home on the day of discharge. If you have concerns, approach your health care team to discuss.

Transfer to another hospital

If you need special health care that is unavailable locally, you may be transferred to a hospital or centre where the treatment can be provided.

Travel assistance

If you require travel assistance, find out more on the travel assistance page.

Last updated 13 Jul 2022