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Strategy and plans

Gold Coast Health Strategic Plan

The Gold Coast Health Strategic Plan 2024-2028 (G28) describes how we will serve our community to 2024.

It outlines our vision, purpose, values, strategic objectives, alignment with Queensland Government priorities, strategic risks and opportunities. 

Gold Coast Crisis Reform 2021–2024

This strategy outlines our approach to transforming Mental Health crisis care across the Gold Coast region. This regional mental health crisis response represents a coordinated and integrated system of care, that is multi-agency and is built around a shared framework that broadly conceptualises crisis in terms of how we prevent, respond, intervene, and care following a crisis, promoting resolution and recovery.

» Read the Gold Coast Crisis Reform Strategy 2021-2024

Employee Engagement Strategy 2020-2023

This strategy outlines how Gold Coast Health will continue to foster and enhance employee engagement.

» Read the Employee Engagement Strategy.

Workforce Strategy 2019-2024

This strategy will act as an enabling strategy for our broader GCH Strategic plan, outlining our workforce agenda to support the health service in achieving our workforce vision.

» Read the Workforce Strategy (Full)
» Read the Workforce Strategy (Summary)

Consumer and Community Engagement Strategy 2024-2027

Gold Coast Health is building better connections that link the community, patients and their carers into local public health services.

» Read the Community and Consumer Engagement Strategy.

Digital Strategic Plan and Roadmap 2021-2024

The Digital Strategic Plan and Roadmap 2021-2024 provides the framework for investments in digital technologies and services over the next three years.

» Read the Digital Strategic Plan and Roadmap 2021-2024

Research Strategy Roadmap 2022-2024

» Read the Research Strategy Roadmap

Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2023-2025

Gold Coast Health is committed to reflecting the community it serves within the workforce. This strategy is our commitment to equal employment opportunity and to building a more inclusive and diverse workforce.

» Read the Diversity and Inclusion Strategy.

Health Service Plan 2016-2026

Gold Coast Health 2016-2026 sets an ambitious platform for Gold Coast Health to realise our vision of being recognised as a centre of excellence for world class healthcare.

» Read the Health Service Plan

Last updated 04 Jun 2024