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Lift the Lip Program

The Lift the Lip program is a simple oral health assessment that is completed by the Child Health Nurse and is aimed at children aged 0-4 years old. After the assessment, the Child Health Nurse will refer your child to Gold Coast Oral Health Services for a routine dental exam. 

The program has been implemented to assist with the early detection of oral health problems and facilitate timely referral for a dental check-up. 

Early dental visits can help to prevent and address oral health concerns, including tooth decay.
It also allows children to become familiar with the dental environment from a young age, resulting in positive dental experiences and outcomes for the child and family.


The Lift the Lip program has a range of useful resources for parents & health professionals.

Examples of added sugars in foods

Oral health self-management goals for parents/caregivers

Referral pathways for health professionals

How teeth decay

Oral health assessment

Oral health anticipatory guidance for parents/caregivers

Clinical handover process

To check for decay

Oral health referral and advice form

If you would like your child to participate in the Lift the Lip program, please contact a Community Child Health Clinic for an appointment.

Find your nearest Community Child Health Clinic.

Last updated 22 Aug 2022