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Creative Health Hub

The Creative Health Hub provides innovative health services across the organisation through engagement with the arts. Creative programs and initiatives with deliberate health and wellbeing goals are delivered across the following four main areas:​

  • Visual Arts​
  • Performing Arts​
  • Literary Arts​
  • Built Environment​
  • About Our Services:​

Programs are delivered across Gold Coast University Hospital and Robina Hospital to:​

  • Display vibrant, rotating gallery exhibition of quality works engaging local community artists​
  • Coordinate performance program (including community choirs, ensembles, performers and musicians).​
  • Facilitate partnerships for collaborative projects for patients, staff and the community​
  • Create opportunities for research driven activities to strengthen the case for the arts within health settings.​

​Call for Artists/Musicians​

To become an exhibiting artist or get involved in our creative programs (including the Piano Project and Musicians in Clinical Spaces) express your interest, email


ArtBeat Music and Arts Festival

ArtBeat is a music and art festival designed to celebrate the creative strengths and talents of our mental health consumers in the Gold Coast Community. 

From October 10 – 27, Gold Coast Health will celebrate the creativity of mental health consumers with ‘ArtBeat’ at Gold Coast University Hospital.

Now in its 10th year, the annual exhibition and festival have been a colourful springboard that’s launched mental health awareness and the artistic talents of consumers onto centre stage.

The exhibition and festival, aligned with Queensland Mental Health Week, aim to de-stigmatise mental health by giving consumers a platform to express their experiences in their own way, offering a joyful space for staff and consumers to come together and have important conversations about mental health.

Mental health consumers commence work months in advance to ensure their art is ready for the exhibition, putting their heart and soul into their creations. Consumers are supported by the Mental Health and Specialty Services Creative Artisan and Music Therapist, who provide guidance through and help consumers to prepare their creative contributions for display or performance. Channelling their self-expression into something that can be shared publicly each year gives many of our consumers to remain focused on recovery and builds meaning and purpose into their lives. 

This year’s signature event, the ArtBeat Festival, will take place in the Gold Coast University Hospital Parklands on Friday October 13 from 11am-2pm. The Festival is open to the public (including Gold Coast Health community members, staff and consumers) to join in live music, food, giveaways, face painting, free mental health information and more.

ARTBEAT Art Exhibition
10 –27 October 2023
Gold Coast University Hospital and Robina Hospital Main Foyer

ARTBEAT Festival
Friday 13 October 2023, 11am-2pm
Gold Coast University Hospital, Parklands

Last updated 13 Sep 2023