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Clinical handover

We support and encourage you or your carer to participate during the clinical handover process, which occurs frequently during your stay.

Clinical handover formalises the transfer of professional accountability and responsibility for an aspect of care for a patient. The purpose of clinical handover is for hospital staff to share important information about your health and current health needs with those responsible for your on-going care.

Patient, family and carer involvement is an integral part of the clinical handover process. Your role as patient, family or carer is to assist where you can in providing information to hospital staff.  By involving the consumer in the clinical handover process it has been proven to reduce the risk of clinical incidents occurring.

It has been identified that clinical handover is a high-risk area for patient safety. Our main aim is to keep you safe. Our communication process between clinicians and the consumer is a core component of quality patient care. The sharing of information between clinicians and consumer improves safety and quality of care and leads to better outcomes for patients.

Your role during Clinical Handover

During your clinical handover you or your carer are encouraged to tell our health team:

  • How you are feeling
  • Any concerns you may have about your care
  • Any queries you have about your treatment and care plan.
  • That you fully understand your care plan and progress.

If you are being transferred to another service, or to your home, it is important to share the information with future care providers.

Your safety and quality of care depends on an on-going partnership with you and your hospital care providers.  Help us to care for you and get you home safely as soon as possible.

Last updated 31 May 2024