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Planning new health facility for Tugun

Queensland Health is planning to build a new health facility at 57 Boyd Street, Tugun, one of seven planned across South East Queensland and expected to open by 2023. Each facility will deliver a range of services based on the needs of the local community, incorporating outpatient community-based health services with virtual health care opportunities. The focus will be on early intervention and day therapy, rather than overnight beds, helping to free up capacity in our hospitals.

The Improvers

The Improvers is one of the most anticipated events on Gold Coast Health’s calendar each year, shining a light on the innovative spirit of our employees. For six years, finalists have been given only 60 seconds to present their ideas for improving patient care in front of a packed auditorium and a judging panel led by the Health Minister.

1-2-3 for a Health Ready GC

Have you thought about how health needs fit into your emergency plan?

Integrated Care

For queries from our partner general practices and patients please phone 1300 004 242.

Health promotion

We deliver health promotion and disease prevention programs focusing on keeping people healthy.

Magnet Recognition®

We’re proud to be Australia’s first whole health service to receive Magnet Recognition® for nursing and midwifery excellence and dedication to providing innovative, high-quality care.

Last updated 27 Nov 2020