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Buddy-up: research reach, adoption, and implementation

Quick facts

Principal investigator:
Dr Eve Purdy
Team members:
Dr Daniel Weston
Dr Charlotte Alexander
Dr Richard Pellatt
Prof Gerben Keijzers
Ms Amy Sweeny
Ms Katie East
Dr Sushma Vytla
Mr Luc Nguyen

The “Buddy Study” funded in the EMF grant round 25 showed a common type of hand fracture can be treated without a plaster – a finding that if applied broadly could result in patients returning to work faster and significant healthcare savings. However, since the study was published in 2019 it is unclear to what degree there has been a change in how clinicians actually treat this fracture.

This follow up study will explore factors related to research reach, adoption, and implementation at two hospitals in Queensland to 1) inform a strategy to implement knowledge related to hand fractures and to 2) explore how participation in research affects implementation.

Grants Awarded

Emergency Medicine Foundation Grants

Last updated 01 Feb 2022