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Childhood Immunisation safeguards against disease

Brogan and David Watling say vaccinating their son is the right thing to do for him and the community.(ABC Gold Coast: Mark Rigby)

Gold Coast parents are being urged to vaccinate their children against diseases, as data shows childhood immunisation rates on the Gold Coast have steadily decreased over the past two years.

Gold Coast Public Health Physician Dr Kate Alexander says our community relies on a childhood vaccination rate of more than 95 percent to create “herd immunity” against diseases like measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria and meningococcal.

On average, Gold Coast childhood vaccination rates are currently less than 90 percent,” said Dr Alexander. 

“Being a parent of young children is a busy time of life, but it is important to stay on schedule with routine childhood vaccinations,” said Dr Alexander.

“We’ve seen the biggest decrease in the number of fully vaccinated two-year-old children.”

  • 90.4% of one-year-old children on the Gold Coast are fully vaccinated
  • 87.9% of two-year-old children on the Gold Coast are fully vaccinated
  • 91% of five-year-old children on the Gold Coast are fully vaccinated

Childhood vaccinations under the National Immunisation Program Schedule are free.

Adults under the age of 20 years of age who missed school vaccines can receive catch-up vaccines at no cost.

“The Gold Coast Public Health Unit runs free community immunisation clinics around the Gold Coast for routine vaccinations.”

“You don’t need an appointment and each of the locations have access to parking and public transport.”

Vaccinations are also available from your GP. While the vaccine is free, depending on the medical centre, an appointment may be required and there may be a charge to see the doctor.

To find out where you can immunised for free, please visit the website.

Last updated 12 Jul 2024