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Cellulitis in the emergency department

Quick facts

Principal investigator:
Dr Rachael Nightingale
Team members:
Dr Peter Snelling
A/Prof Andrew Bulmer
Ms Amy Sweeny
Prof Gerben Keijzers
Dr Richard Pellatt
Dr Eve Purdy
Dr Charlotte Alexander
Dr Nimai Etheridge
Dr Son Nghiem

Cellulitis is an infection of the skin and underlying soft tissues and leads to redness, pain and sometimes fever. Once diagnosed, the emergency doctor needs to decide an appropriate type and dose of antibiotic and decide to give it orally (tables/capsules) or intravenously (via a drip).

Despite this being a common diagnosis in the ED, guidelines are not based on high-quality evidence making it difficult for doctors to make evidence-based choices and there is wide variation in how cellulitis is treated. This prospective cohort management study aims to describe the ED management and clinical outcomes of adult patients with cellulitis.

Grants Awarded

Emergency Medicine Foundation Grants

Last updated 09 Sep 2021