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Researcher Profiles

Julia Crilly

Dr Julia Crilly is Professor of Emergency Care. Julia’s research focusses on evaluating innovative service delivery models for vulnerable populations groups who require emergency care as well as understanding and improving aspects of the emergency department workforce.

Julia is in a conjoint appointment between Gold coast Health and Griffith University and leads two of the seven pillars within the Emergency Department Collaborative Research Group at Gold Coast Health.

Awards/Achievements - Gold Coast Women of the Year 'Champions of Education'
- Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) (2020)
- Bond University Sustainability in Healthcare Awards (2018)
- Australian Institute of Policy and Science Young Tall Poppy Science Award (2010)

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Gerben Keijzers

Dr Gerben Keijzers is adjunct Professor of Emergency Medicine. His research revolves around topics relevant to clinical practice in critical care, with special interest in sepsis, appropriateness of antibiotic use and respiratory medicine. He encourages curiosity and critical thinking.

Gerben’s research related roles at Gold Coast Health include Emergency Department Collaborative Research Group Chair, Research Council member, clinical trials steering committee member and Human Research Ethics Committee member.

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Awards/Achievements Emergency Medicine Foundation (EMF) Outstanding Contribution to Emergency Medicine Research (2018)

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Victoria Brazil

Dr Victoria Brazil is an emergency physician and medical educator. She is Professor of Emergency Medicine and Director of Simulation at Gold Coast Health, and at Bond University medical program.

Victoria is interested in connecting education with patient care through healthcare simulation, technology enabled learning, faculty development activities, and research on relationships between teams in healthcare. She also serves as a faculty member with the Harvard Macy Institute.

Victoria is an enthusiast in social media and the Free Open Access Meducation world, and she is co-producer of Simulcast.

Awards/Achievements - Presidential Citation. Society for Simulation in Healthcare. January 2017 For Singular Talent as a Medical Educator, Simulationist and Debriefer who taught the world about tribalism in healthcare. Awarded New Orleans IMSH Conference
- Certificate of appreciation: International conference invited conference session chair, Social Media and Critical Care, Berlin, Germany

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Shane George

Dr Shane George is a paediatric critical care physician working in paediatric emergency medicine and paediatric intensive care at Gold Coast University Hospital. He is the clinical lead for children’s critical care research for Gold Coast Health, and is a Senior Lecturer at The University of Queensland and Griffith University.

Dr Shane George is also an early career researcher interested in research that improves the safety of airway procedures in critical care and using haemostatic resuscitation techniques to reduce blood product requirements in paediatric haemorrhage.

He is a member of the Paediatric Research in Emergency Departments International collaborative (PREDICT) and the ANZICS Paediatric Study Group, collaborating on numerous multicentre projects.

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Jamie Ranse

Dr Ranse is a Research Fellow in Emergency Care in a joint appointment between Griffith University and the Gold Coast Health Service. His research is recognised internationally, focusing on emergency health care, primarily in the areas of high visibility, high consequence events that are either planned (such as mass gatherings / major events) or unplanned (such as disasters).

Dr Ranse is a Fellow of the Australian College of Nursing and College of Emergency Nursing Australasia, Chair of the World Association for Disaster and Emergency Medicine, International Mass Gathering Special Interest Group and Chair of the Australian College of Nursing Disaster Health Community of Interest. Additionally, he previously held high-level strategic role of Chief Nurse for St John Ambulance Australia.

A portfolio of his work is available here:

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Amy Sweeny

Amy Sweeny is an epidemiologist and registered nurse with two decades of experience in hospital-based research. She is a lecturer at Griffith University and an honorary adjunct senior teaching fellow at Bond University. She currently works as the research development manager for the Emergency Department Collaborative Research Group and is responsible for tracking research projects and their outputs and supervising students from both Bond and Griffith Universities. She often assists with study development and statistical analysis across the research pillars.
She is an investigator on research projects related to improving intravenous cannulation practices in adults and children, the care of vulnerable populations, and disaster preparedness.
She is interested in communicable diseases, cardiovascular diseases, developing emergency medicine and the application of machine learning to improve healthcare.

Awards/Achievements - Queensland Health The Improvers Peoples Choice Award (2019)
- Queensland Health’s Artificial Intelligence Hub Datathon winner (2020)

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Katya May

Dr May is a Nurse Researcher for the Emergency Department Research Group at the Gold Coast University Hospital and Robina.  Dr May supports the clinical research leads and has extensive experience in managing and participating in health research. She is a researcher with experience being involved in national and international research centres and projects; including: as a nurse researcher for the ARISE Fluids Observational study at GCUH.
Past experience includes being a researcher at the Centre for Environment and Population Health at Griffith University, a research assistant at the Yale Center for Interdisciplinary Research on AIDS and a clinician and researcher for a multidisciplinary research project at Syracuse University in NY, regarding the issues related to racial and ethnic disparities in infant mortality.

Awards/Achievements - Queensland Health The Improvers Peoples Choice Award (2019)
- Queensland Health’s Artificial Intelligence Hub Datathon winner (2020)

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Ya-Ling Huang

Dr Huang is a Respiratory Nurse at GCUH and a Nurse Researcher for the Emergency Department Research Group. Her research interests focus on palliative care, end-of-life care, respiratory nursing, alcohol dependence, scoping reviews and systematic reviews.  She is involved with the Nursing and Midwifery Professional Recognition Program Advisory Group and Emerging Researcher Alliance at the Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service.
Previously, Dr Huang worked in research at Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation, Queensland University of Technology, Centre for Online Health and Centre for Research in Geriatric Medicine, School of Medicine, University of Queensland.

Awards/Achievements 2019 Nursing and Midwifery Professional Recognition Program-Expert Level, Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service.

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Stuart Watkins

Dr Stuart Watkins is an Emergency Physician at the Gold Coast University Hospital where he is the supervisor for the ED focused ultrasound program.
Main portfolio interests are focused ultrasound, improving procedural safety and ED Systems. He is a regular faculty member for ultrasound training workshops local, national and internationally.
Dr Watkins is a member of ASUM and the ACEM ultrasound subcommittee. He leads the ED program to improve intravenous cannulation practice and the use of ultrasound guidance to improve success and patient care. To support the training of ultrasound to clinicians we need to develop strong governance systems and proof of effect through research, audit and peer support.

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Peter Snelling

Dr Peter Snelling is a dual qualified Emergency Physician and Paediatrician with a special interest in Paediatric Emergency Medicine Point-of-care Ultrasound (PEM POCUS).  He has undertaken an international traineeship in PEM POCUS at the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children and is a member of the international P2 Network. He holds a Certificate in Clinician Performed Ultrasound through ASUM.   He is currently a PhD candidate through Griffith University with the theme of the use of ultrasound for paediatric forearm injuries. His portfolios within the Emergency Department include paediatrics and ultrasound.

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Mercedes Carrington

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