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Using bedside ultrasound to diagnose forearm fractures in children

Quick facts

Principal investigator:
Peter Snelling
Team members:
Gerben Keijzers, Shane George, Stuart Watkins, Robert Ware, Joshua Byrnes, Mark Moore, Michelle Davison, Corey Cassidy, David Bade, Randy Bindra, David Herd, Peta Gimpel, Rosemary Rogers, Robert Roan, Christopher Carty, Ruaraidh McRitchie
Project commenced:

Children frequently present to the emergency department with forearm injuries and often have an x-ray to assess if there is a fracture. Bedside ultrasound is a test that emergency practitioners can use to rapidly diagnose a fracture at the time of examination, without exposing children to ionising radiation. This trial will assess whether an x-ray is unnecessary when there is either a buckle fracture or no fracture seen on a portable ultrasound machine. We will also determine the time and cost implications of this new approach, which could enable families to go home earlier and could be more cost-effective, with less x-rays being ordered.

Grants Awarded

Emergency Medicine Foundation

Last updated 19 Aug 2020