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POKIE: Prospective Observational study of the cannulation of Kids in the Emergency.

Quick facts

Principal investigator:
Dr Lucy Dunstan & Dr Peter J Snelling
Team members:
Amy Sweeny, Shane George, Stuart Watkins
Project commenced:

Inserting a cannula (plastic tube) into a child's vein is a common procedure performed in the Emergency Department. This can be challenging and can cause considerable distress for the child and caregiver. The use of ultrasound is well established for guiding cannulas into veins of adults who are recognised as having difficult access. However, it is less commonly used in children for this purpose. By conducting this trial, we aim to identify factors that influence the success of cannula insertion into veins of children, particularly the early identification of patients with potentially difficult access, and any factors that influence the longevity of cannulas.

Grants Awarded

POKIE: Funded by SERTA

POKIE: Funded by Emergency Medicne Foundation

Last updated 19 Aug 2020