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Evaluation of emergency nurses in the watch house

Quick facts

Principal investigator:
Prof Julia Crilly
Team members:
Green D, Lincoln C, Becker K, Timms J, van Buuren N, Fisher A, Murphy D, Scuffham P.
Project commenced:

People who present to the emergency department by police are a vulnerable population. Limited evidence exists as to what and how health care is best delivered to these people. This research aims to understand if the demographic, clinical profile and outcomes of people arriving to the emergency department by police differ to those for people arriving by other means. The study also aims to evaluate the structures, processes and outcomes of a trial where emergency department nurses worked in the local police watch house.

“People detained in police watch-house settings are a vulnerably population with significant health issues that can necessitate access to health care. The innovative model trialled saw emergency nurses supplementing existing domiciliary nurses to provide 24/7 nursing presence in the watch-house. Findings from this research can be used by other clinicians, policy makers and decision makers in determining the potential to implement a model like this in other watch-house settings.”
– Prof Julia Crilly

Grants Awarded

Emergency Medicine Foundation

Gold Coast Health and Gold Coast Hospital Foundation Research Grants Scheme

Last updated 19 Aug 2020