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Impact of 2018 Commonwealth Games on Gold Coast Emergency Departments

Quick facts

Principal investigator:
Prof Julia Crilly
Team members:
Dr Jamie Ranse, Dr Michael Aitken, Dr Ben Walters, Dr Antony Padowitz, Prof Paul Arbon, Prof Alison Hutton, Dr Amy Johnston, Dr Peta-Anne Zimmerman, Prof Robert Ware, A/Prof Josh Byrnes, Mrs Bernadine Romero, Mr Chris Raftery, Ms Kaylene Sutherland, and Prof Martin Wullschleger
Project commenced:

In 2018, the Gold Coast hosted one of the largest sporting mass gathering events in the country. The Commonwealth Games attracted approximately 1 million visitors to the region, over two weeks. Current gaps in the literature make it difficult to plan for service provision.

Using a pragmatic mixed methods research design, this study will be conducted across five Emergency Departments on the Gold Coast: two public (GCUH and Robina Hospital) and three private (Gold Coast, Pindara and John Flynn Private Hospitals).

This research aims to explore healthcare staff experience of planning, preparedness and lessons learnt to provide a resource for future planners of mass gathering events within the region, nationally, and internationally.

“This research project represents an international first, exploring the impact of a mass gathering event on all Emergency Departments within a region. The knowledge generated from this project will inform robust planning, to improve preparedness and service delivery, at any location.”

—Prof Julia Crilly

Grants Awarded

Gold Coast Health and Gold Coast Hospital Foundation Research Grants Scheme

Last updated 19 Aug 2020