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Rehabilitation Services

Inpatient Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is delivered in inpatient rehabilitation units at Gold Coast University Hospital and Robina Hospital.

Please speak to the Nurse in Charge for ward visiting hours and to treating therapists about visiting patients during therapy sessions.

Neuroscience Rehabilitation Unit – Gold Coast University Hospital

The Neuroscience Rehabilitation Unit has 32 inpatient beds. A team provides intensive rehabilitation for patients with various functional impairments. Rehabilitation aims to improve function and maximise independence and quality of life.

This unit features:

  • LIFE space which enables training in real-world environments such as a supermarket, bedroom, laundry, living room, kitchen and bathroom
  • Independent Living Unit (ILU), a self-contained unit with a kitchen designed to assess patient and/or carers’ readiness to transition to their home
  • Recreational Activity Program (RAP), a program that engages patients in leisure and recreational activities such as cooking groups and gardening.
Robina Medical Rehabilitation Unit – Robina Hospital

The Robina Medical Rehabilitation Unit has 20 inpatient beds. This unit features:

  • LIFE space which enables training in real world environments such as a supermarket, bedroom, laundry, living room, kitchen and bathroom
  • Independent Living Unit (ILU), a self-contained unit with kitchen designed to assess patient and/or carers’ readiness to transition to their home.

Community Rehabilitation Program (CRP) – Robina Health Precinct

This program provides a time-limited community rehabilitation service for eligible adults with multi-disciplinary goals - two or more disciplines are required. Disciplines include: Clinical Psychology, Dietetics, Neuropsychology, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation Consultant, Social Work, Speech Pathology. The program delivers therapy to improve function and quality of life. Services can be provided individually, in groups, and in various settings including centre-based, community, tele-health or home-based as required. CRP episodes generally last 6-12 weeks depending on individual therapy goals.

Community Rehabilitation Program Flyer

Rehabilitation Response Team (RRT) – Gold Coast University and Robina Hospitals

This is a coordinated rehabilitation service delivered to patients in an acute ward. RRT provides early rehabilitation to patients, collaborating between rehabilitation and medical or surgical specialties. Patients accepted onto the RRT program may be discharged home from the acute ward or go on to an inpatient rehabilitation unit.

Rehabilitation Outpatient Services

The Rehabilitation Outpatient Services accept referrals where the patients’ needs are not better met by other Gold Coast Health community based, post-acute or private services.


The Rehabilitation Specialists assess the suitability of patients referred to rehabilitation for inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation services and where necessary establish rehabilitation goals and assist in discharge recommendations. They also conduct rehabilitation specialist outpatient clinics.

Occupational Therapy

This is a specialist rehabilitation service for clients with neurological conditions. Interventions include upper limb retraining and spasticity management, cognitive, and visual perception assessment and retraining in occupational performance.


This specialist rehabilitation service provides physiotherapy to clients with neurological conditions and vestibular (inner ear) conditions such as vertigo and to amputees.


This service offers a comprehensive assessment of cognitive impairment, recommendations and intervention to people with various neurological conditions and/or an acquired brain injury.

Amputee Clinic

The interim and definitive amputee clinics provide prosthetic assessment and intervention.

Other Outpatient Services

Speech Pathology

Speech pathologists are health professionals who manage communication and swallowing disorders across the lifespan, with intervention including assessment, diagnosis, education and treatment. The Speech Pathology Service offers various specialist outpatient services for individuals with communication and swallowing disorders arising from a range of acquired neurological conditions such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease, brain injury, motor neurone disease and dementia.

Transitional Care Program (TCP) – Southport Health Precinct

This program is goal-oriented, time limited, and targets older people concluding a hospital episode who require more time and support in a non-hospital environment to restore and improve function. TCP episodes generally last on average 45 to 84 days. If a patient would benefit from further transition care, it may extend 126 days with ACAT approval.

Nurse Navigator Rehabilitation Service

This service is staffed by an experienced rehabilitation nurse with high-level clinical knowledge and comprehensive health care system knowledge. The nurse is a member of the Gold Coast Health wide Nurse Navigator Service and can work with you to bring all the pieces of your healthcare puzzle together, from your General Practitioner, hospital, specialist appointments and community supports.

The Nurse Navigator for rehabilitation will usually contact patients while they are inpatients but may also follow up post-discharge about enrolling and participating in the Nurse Navigator Rehabilitation Program.

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