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Reporting and your research

After a research project has been granted ethics approval and governance authorisation, researchers are required to report their progress.

Reports, amendments, or notifications

Requirements and expectations

Gold Coast Health requires annual progress reports. A final report is also due on the completion of a project or if the research is discontinued before the expected date of completion.

Other events, particularly during clinical trials, may also need to be reported. Researchers are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the requirements for the type of study.

Updating your project

We use the Ethics Review Manager (ERM) to facilitate and support the following:

  • Commencement form  
  • Annual Progress Report  
  • Amendment Request Form 
  • Safety Report (routine annual report) 
  • Project Final Report/Site Closure Form for the final progress report  
  • Protocol Deviation/Violation report 

An annual progress/final report template can be found here

Completing reporting requirements

As with the original application, post-approval amendments require a two-step process: 1) ethical approval, 2) governance authorisation. Researchers complete both steps within the Ethics Review Manager (ERM). Although it can forgotten, regular reporting is an important requirement for researchers. If researchers require more information about reporting, please contact our contact support centre for guidance.

Last updated 12 Feb 2024