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Current opportunities

Find out what opportunities exist at Gold Coast Health.


Queensland doctors are provided with specific funding to put toward professional development such as conferences. There are two medical schools on the Gold Coast based at Bond and Griffith Universities.

There are increasing opportunities for joint appointments with one of these institutions. Research opportunities are also available to senior staff. There are regular clinical meetings in specialties throughout the hospital. There is a "Grand Rounds" held weekly which all clinicians are encouraged to attend.


Professional development opportunities for nurses at all levels are offered both internally and externally. A team of nurse educators work to develop, promote and maintain excellence in all areas of nursing and midwifery practice.

Professional development funding is allocated annually to assist nurses to attend conferences or targeted training. Nursing achievements are recognised at the annual Staff Excellence awards. Graduate Nurse Transition Support processes foster the development of the graduate's confidence and competence in their professional role.

Allied Health Services

The Study and Research Scheme (SARAS) - comprises financial support and/or leave assistance for part-time and full-time study or research. The scheme aims to promote organisational and personal development and to assist and encourage officers to undertake work related courses and research.

The Allied Health Professional Enhancement Program - provides rural and remote allied health professionals with an opportunity to gain knowledge of, and experience in clinical areas relevant to their workplace, opportunities for sharing clinical knowledge, and developing networks beyond geographical boundaries and enhanced service coordination and continuity of care.

Professional development activities include:

  • an individual or team of Allied Health Professionals from rural, remote or provincial areas may visit another service for up to one week .
  • an allied health professional from a metropolitan area may visit a rural or remote area for up to one week.
  • clinical activity via videoconference.
  • innovative applications such as development of training and resource packages.

Scholarships and development opportunities

The Gold Coast Hospital Foundation offers annual scholarships to all staff. The Foundation is the main fundraising body for the hospital. It includes professional development opportunities for staff in its key objectives. For more information on the opportunities available to staff and to obtain an application form contact the Hospital Foundation.

Research and education

A tertiary hospital co-located with Griffith University known as the Gold Coast University Hospital, it is envisaged that the co-location has created an environment where medical research and the teaching of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals become an integral part of hospital life.

This facility will attract the best people from Australia and the world, who in turn will train the health professionals of the future. Although it takes time for such an institution to develop and mature, the opportunity exists now to plant the seed for the future.

Considerations for future planning will see medical research and education take place in a hospital setting.

This includes:

  • education room attached to wards and outpatients
  • library, seminar rooms and auditorium shared between hospital and universities
  • clinical trial centre enmeshed with clinical services
  • bench research co-located with universities.

Last updated 21 Dec 2016