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Six-year-old Lyla the first plaster patient at the new Robina ED Expansion

Lyla and her teddy Raz at Robina ED Expansion

An unfortunate fall at school led six-year-old Lyla to become the first patient to receive treatment at the new Robina ED Expansion’s plaster room.

Because it was such a special day and Lyla was especially brave, the emergency department nurses gifted her a little teddy bear.

Lyla has named the teddy “Razzy” after the Robina Ambulatory Zone, or “the Raz” as its affectionately known.

If there was such a thing as a “lucky break”, Lyla certainly received one today.

The Robina ED Expansion adds an extra 20 emergency treatment spaces, bringing the total number of ED treatment spaces to 66.

The new treatment spaces will focus on less acute injuries and illnesses and ensure the hospital can continue to care for the fast-growing region.

Last updated 03 Apr 2024