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LIFESpace aids rehabilitation

The LIFESpace areas within the inpatient rehabilitation units at Gold Coast University Hospital and Robina Hospital continue to improve lives.

The therapy space lets patients engage in everyday activities that bring meaning and purpose to their life.   

Many patients lose confidence due to their injury or frailty, so the LIFESpace area engages them in daily tasks such as shopping and gardening. 

It sets people on the road to recovery in a safe and controlled environment to practise the everyday tasks many take for granted, like using an ATM, navigating a supermarket and engaging with a check-out operator.

Neb Jovicic is one of many to benefit from the Gold Coast University Hospital LIFE Space, which assists the rehabilitation process – allowing patients to re-learn life skills after serious injury, including brain injuries.

Neb lost his lower left leg due to complications from diabetes.

He uses the different scenarios such as a loungeroom, a supermarket, including a self-serve register, to physically prepare for everyday life routine challenges outside of the hospital environment.

He describes the holistic approach by staff in the Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit and LIFESpace as “brilliant”, having experienced his own challenges transitioning from the wheelchair to the couch for the very first time.


Last updated 15 Feb 2023