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Honouring ANZACs through art

The Gold Coast Health Creative Health Hub is hosting a special pop-up exhibition in honour of ANZAC Day, featuring the artworks of late war veteran and acclaimed artist Peter Moore OAM. The exhibition has been created in collaboration with Peter’s son Scott Bryson, Gold Coast Health’s Dock and Logistics Manager.  

The display features a collection of Peter’s oil and watercolour paintings, portraying a love for the Australian bush and Australian historical figures, and places of notoriety such as the Birdsville Hotel. His works reflect his experiences as a war veteran and pay tribute to the ANZACs, while exploring the role of art as a therapeutic tool for processing trauma and improving mental wellbeing. 

Peter Moore's journey from military service to self-taught artist is inspiring. After serving in the Air Force and Army for 17 years, including tours in Borneo, Malaysia and Vietnam, Peter turned to art as a means of healing from the internal conflicts of war.  

Scott is pleased to be sharing his dad’s artwork within the hospital setting, hoping that the display provides a positive distraction for patients and visitors to reduce stress and anxiety.  

"My dad found purpose in painting and drawing as part of his rehabilitation, helping him cope with the challenges faced by veterans upon their return. Despite his own struggles, he dedicated himself to supporting fellow veterans and their families through his art,” Scott shares.  

Outside of painting for his own mental wellbeing, Peter donated many of his artworks to raise money for charities involved in supporting veterans and their families. 

Scott has seen first-hand how important art is for individuals to express themselves and find comfort in a creative outlet.  

“Art groups and programs integrated into hospitals that assist individuals in processing trauma and mental health concerns are very rewarding and stimulating. They give people the opportunity to tap into their creative side and find an element of joy in life while overcoming or managing complex health issues,” he said. 

Gold Coast Health wards have been invited to take part in adding to the display by creating paper poppies to be displayed alongside Peter’s artworks.

Scott Bryson

Gold Coast Health staff member Scott Bryson (pictured) is honoured to share his late father’s artworks, paying respects to the ANZACS while highlighting the therapeutic healthcare benefits of painting.

Last updated 16 Apr 2024