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Gold Coast Health initiatives in the running for Premier's Excellence Award

Two Gold Coast Health initiatives are in the running to receive an award at this Year's Premier Awards for Excellence after being announced as finalists in the  Better health and wellbeing Services category. The Awards recognise high performance and outstanding achievement across the Queensland public sector.

Finalist 1: Day Case Hysterectomy

The Day Case Hysterectomy project is in full swing at GCUH and is an innovative and highly beneficial program for patients. Historically patients undergoing hysterectomy would stay in hospital for one to three nights, however, our highly skilled team has developed a protocol which enables patients be discharged hours after their procedure.

Our lead gynaecologist has developed a surgical technique for laparoscopic hysterectomy which limits post operative pain, and our lead anaesthetist has developed an anaesthetic protocol which enables patients to wake up more alert, both allowing for an earlier discharge. The team have also developed other aspects of the protocol to allow patients to recover in their own home, including follow-up by a specialised nurse consultant via TeleHealth.

Over 200 women have undergone day case hysterectomies on the Gold Coast since 2020, and we have a 95% same day discharge rate. 

Gynaecology Registrar Dr Talia Eldridge said the initiative is providing a huge benefit to patients, but also having a flow-on effect within the hospital. 

"Our goal was to make recovery better for women. With day case total laparoscopic hysterectomy, women recover in the comfort of their own homes with close follow up maintaining safety. We’re also reducing the need for inpatient beds, which is also a huge benefit to the health service". she said. 

Pictured above: The Obstetrics and gynaecology team behind the project


Clinical Photography App

Finalist 2: Clinical Photography App

Gold Coast Health’s innovative Clinical Photography App, developed by our Digital Experience team (pictured above), is enhancing clinical workflows and patient care. Clinicians can now use their smartphone to take high-quality images that are uploaded directly to patient records to support rapid, accurate assessments.

Photos are stored securely via the app and never stored on the clinician’s personal device, ensuring patient confidentiality and compliance with privacy standards. The app significantly cuts down on manual administration processes, freeing up our clinicians to devote more time to direct patient care. 

The app’s recent rollout to our Hospital in the Home (HITH) Service allows clinicians visiting patients at home to capture images of conditions such as wounds via the app and upload these directly into the patient's electronic health record, accessible by hospital-based clinicians within two minutes. 

Medical Director Digital and Information, and Emergency Staff Specialist, Dr Adam Brand, said the app bring clarity and precision to patient care. 

“These photographs enable the care team to adapt the treatment plan in real time and collaborate virtually. Comparing previous photos with the patient’s current examination allows for greater decision making when compared to written descriptions. Remote advice is now safer as we can securely share images through our electronic medical record in real time. All this enhances patient outcomes and supports community health by avoiding unnecessary readmissions and allowing care to occur at home.” he said.

The app offers a fantastic enhancement to our service delivery and reflects our commitment to embracing digital solutions. 

Well done to both teams on these pioneering initiatives. All the best for the Premier's Awards for Excellence

Last updated 25 Mar 2024