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Celebrating our diverse cultural landscape

Gold Coast health's Creative Health Hub in collaboration with local not-for-profit GCMAGIC is excited to explore the Gold Coast's multicultural landscape with 'The People & The Place - Gold Coast' exhibition.  

The exhibition is now on display in the Gold Coast University Hospital main foyer for all patients, staff and visitors of the hospital to enjoy during Harmony Month (March). 

'The People & The Place - Gold Coast' exhibition shares stories of the city’s culturally diverse groups, presented through a unique blend of photography and painting, known as photo-painting. The exhibited artworks were created by drawing on a pool of 400 images then painted by GCMAGIC's team of artists. The result is a rich display that celebrates the unity and diversity of the Gold Coast's cultural landscape. 

The group behind the creations - GCMAGIC - nurtures the creative talents of people with diverse cultural backgrounds. Through visual, performing and literary arts, GCMAGIC aims to foster positive social change, promote wellbeing, connection, harmony, sustainability and inclusion within the Gold Coast community. 

The project, which took shape through collaborative efforts between five visual artists and 50 cultural groups, captures the essence of Australia's multiculturalism. Through photography sessions conducted from 2022 to 2023, diverse groups of people came together to capture the multicultural spirit of the nation. 

The exhibition, a feature at the hospital for Harmony Month, invites visitors to explore the stories behind each cultural group represented. From the costumes of traditional dances to the attire of cultural festivals, each photo communicates the unique identity and heritage of its respective cultural group. The artistic touch of GCMAGIC's artists adds depth and vitality to the photos, transforming them into dynamic pieces of art. 

Nasrin Vaziri, the Artistic Director of GCMAGIC (pictured), spearheaded this project, which will be on display throughout the month of March.

Join us in GCUH's Main Foyer to explore this celebration of cultural diversity and harmony.  

The People and the Place


Last updated 28 Feb 2024