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Baby Tillie celebrates 100 days in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Family and friends of Tillie's parents, Ashleigh and Anthony, celebrated Tillie's 100-day milestone recently.

Baby Tillie is one determined, strong and very brave baby.

Born at just 24 weeks and two days, she reached an important milestone recently – 100 days in our neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

To mark the occasion, Ronald McDonald House and NICU staff organised a celebration for Tillie’s mum Ashleigh, dad Anthony, sister Kobie and loving family and friends.

Tillie’s family have celebrated every win and milestone amidst the rough times they have experienced, and this is an important one.

"I couldn’t be prouder of her," Ashleigh said. "It’s so unfair that she has had to go through so much, but her resilience and strength has amazed me.”

Tillie was born at just 728 grams and was as light as 540 grams, but she has grown to a strong 2.7 kilograms in her hundred days in the ICU.

During that time, she has experienced several life-threatening health scares, but each time has fought through with the support of the NICU staff – a testament to her fighting spirit.

At every stage of her life, Tillie has displayed an incredible desire to be in this world, even before she arrived.

"Kobie was an IVF baby, and we continued to battle infertility for years and year and years, but somehow we fell pregnant naturally with Tillie," Ashleigh said.

"When you consider all she has done and been through, you can certainly say is a very strong child who is determined to be in this world."

Looking ahead, Ashleigh can’t wait to having more regular and lengthy cuddles with Tillie in Special Care and is preparing for what it will look like to bring Tillie home.

Kobie is also busting to be able to cuddle her sister and do all the big sister jobs she has been waiting so long to do.

"Kobie absolutely loves life being a big sister and can’t wait to do the hands-on big sister things," Ashleigh said.

"She has made it very clear that when Tillie comes home it is her job to change her nappies and do all those things."

Tillie sleeping in a cot with dad Anthony, sister Kobie and mum Ashleigh standing behind holding an inflated balloon shaped as the number 100.Tillie photographed at 100 days post birth sleeping in a cot. There is a blanket over her and oxygen tubes in her nostrils.

Last updated 01 Mar 2024