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Systematic reviews

A systematic review is a comprehensive and structured review of the literature and is aimed to clearly establish what is known about a topic. Once researchers have engaged with the library and completed their collection of studies, they should consult a biostatistician for help with meta-analysis.

Resources are available to Gold Coast Health staff on conducting systematic reviews, and Bond University has software to undertake accelerated systematic reviews here.

Access the library guide for systematic reviews here.

Planning and protocols

Gold Coast Health researchers are strongly encouraged to follow the PRISMA guidelines, and to engage with a research librarian during the planning phase. This will help you to provide accurate and transparent reporting. There are separate guidelines for reporting your protocol and your findings.

Systematic review protocols should be registered with PROSPERO prior to data extraction to let other researchers know you are working on this topic.

Reviewing prior to primary research

Completing a systematic review prior to primary research can have multiple benefits:

  • It assures the researchers that there is a need for their primary research,
  • It enables a researcher to detect where previous research could be improved, helping them develop their protocol, and
  • It may lead to a publication of the review.

Last updated 29 Jan 2024