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Grants FAQs

We're increasing the number of health service and clinical research projects, and the number of staff engaged in research and education using evidence-based practice. To support our commitment, Gold Coast Health provides a range of funding initiatives.

What if I am the lead PI of a successful grant and then leave the project before the project is complete?

If the lead Principal Investigator (PI) resigns, moves to another role or is otherwise unable to continue in their capacity as Lead PI then the recipient must submit a suitable replacement Lead PI for consent from Gold Coast Health. Any replacement Lead PI must meet or exceed the same criteria by which the original Lead PI was appointed.

Who should sign a letter of support?

A letter of support should be signed by the line manager of the lead Principal Investigator (PI) and the lead in the areas where most of the research will be performed, e.g., Head of Department (HoD) or Clinical Director. 

Do I need to have a collaborator letter signed for each collaborating team member?

The collaborator letter is only needed when a project will make significant use of resources and space at an institution outside of Gold Coast Health and signed by the relevant leadership in that institution who has authority for the use of resource/space. 

Can I use the same letter of support for a grant application and HREC/Governance applications?

Yes, the letter of support signed for a grant application can be used for Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC)/Governance applications. 

What oncosts I should consider when budgeting staffing costs for my research project?

When budgeting for staffing costs for your research project, 30% should be added on top as oncosts for project staff FTE (full-time equivalent). However, for Medical Officers, as they have individual contracts that can vary widely, you should ask for a formal costing of each Medical Staff from the research finance team.

What supporting documents do I need to submit with my grant application?

All links and templates for supporting documents relevant to the Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service (GCHHS) grant you are applying for can be found in the grant guidelines and Smarty Grants online application form.

Last updated 03 Apr 2023