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Partnership Engagement Grants

These grants provide experienced or emerging clinical researchers with the opportunity to work collaboratively on major research projects of direct relevance to our local community.

Research activities with a range of external partners such as the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Partnership Grants or Australian Research Council (ARC) linkage grants or other initiatives where our health service is a partner institution may include the development, implementation and/or evaluation of:  

  • New diagnostics, preventative measures, treatments, interventions and medical technologies and their translation into clinical practice.  
  • Innovative approaches that assist in the delivery of healthcare.  
  • Psychosocial and economic factors that influence healthcare delivery in acute health systems and in the community 

The amount awarded will be dependent on the requirements requested of our organisation and be administered by an Australian-based organisation (NHMRC/ARC Administering institution if applying for one of the major grants).

Partnering to develop, test and implement patient-centred interventions

The collaboration between our researchers and external partners must facilitate high-quality health-related research with the potential for wide dissemination across the Gold Coast, Australia and internationally. 

What you need to know

  • All eligibility criteria of the relevant granting body (e.g. NHMRC, ARC) must be met.
  • At least one Principal Investigator (PI) or Associate Investigator (AI) must hold a continuing appointment at Gold Coast Health (permanent appointment or be temporarily employed here for at least the duration of the project should it be funded). This includes applicants with a conjoint appointment with a university.
  • At least one PI or AI from Gold Coast Health must be an experienced researcher with a strong track record of having previously led multiple research projects to completion.

Last updated 03 Apr 2023